Thursday, August 28, 2014

Holding Back In Vein

It's that time of year.  The Quilt National deadline is drawing near.  Sept. 12th to be exact.  I have read on a few blogs that some people are trying to finish up their entries for this most well-known international, juried art quilt exhibition that comes around every other year.

Like others, I planned to enter some pieces this year.  But I have now changed my mind to work on some other things/events instead.  I did make a piece at the beginning of the year, back in January, that I was considering to be an entry.  But I have not posted it here.  Why?  Because the Quilt National committee has very strict rules about publication of a work before being juried into their exhibition.  Here are the rules:

Disqualifications include
"any work that will have appeared prior to May, 2015 in an American fiber arts exhibition that draws artists and/or visitors from more than 100 miles from its venue;

any work that will have appeared prior to May 2015 in an American publication that has national or international distribution; this restriction includes SAQA publications;

any work that has appeared, after September 2012, on an internet site other than the artist’s own site. Facebook pages are NOT considered an artist’s website. Images appearing on Facebook will be disqualified." 

The last rule states that it is o.k. to post to your own site.  However, I heard a story that one year someone had only posted an image to her own site, but that someone else had copied the image and posted it somewhere else and was, thus, disqualified because of that.  So, most people wanting to enter don't usually post anything but maybe a small detail in progress.

This is all so they have fresh, new artwork for the exhibition that has not been overly seen before, which is understandable, yet taken to an extreme, I feel.

Since I have decided not to enter this year, I can now safely share with you (unless I wanted to enter it in the next one in two years) my In Vein pieces.

I started out making one big piece.  But after having it all together and looking at it.  I decided it really needed to be two pieces.  I ripped seams and reconfigured and now I have In Vein I and In Vein II.

In Vein I
hand-dyed fabrics, machine pieced & appliquéd, machine stitching
60-3/4" x 17"
©2014 Lisa Flowers Ross

In Vein II
hand-dyed fabrics, machine pieced & appliquéd, machine stitching
64-1/4" x 35-1/2"
©2014 Lisa Flowers Ross

I think the shape of the first piece is interesting and might like to work with it again, but it would not be in this series.  I do see these pieces as the start of another series, but am not sure when I will work on it again.

Good luck to all those you are entering Quilt National this year.


Sandy said...

I really like these. Very map like. I really like the movement of the graphic black lines.
Sandy in the UK

Lisa Flowers Ross said...

Thanks, Sandy.