Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break - On the Road

We didn't get to do much sight seeing on our spring break trip other than viewing campuses and one day at the Grand Canyon.  But the scenery we drove through was nice.  We didn't stop to take pictures along the way as some of the drives were very long.  So, I took pictures through the window as we were zooming along.  Does anyone else take pictures through the car windows?  Or is it just me?
Here are a few.

 Heading south toward Flagstaff.

 Leaving Arizona and heading toward California.

 Getting closer to the California coast.

The dreaded drive over Donner Pass.


Linda M said...

Don always makes sure the windshield is clean so I don't have unwanted spots on my pictures. You did a lot of driving in one week.

Anonymous said...

Yep I take pictures out the window. Otherwise we would never get where we are going as I'm always seeing something that I want to photograph.