Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Another stop on my First Thursday tour was at Wingtip Press to see the exhibition Suspend.  The Wingtip space doesn't have a whole lot of wall space for hanging artwork.  During a discussion Amy Nack and Karl LeClair came up with the idea of hanging work from the ceiling.

Curated by LeClair, the artworks are by local artists.  Just as the hanging is unconventional, so too are many of the pieces.  Suspended in space, the original prints become three dimensional and seen from more than one side.

Above you can see the swoops and swirls of the collaborative work of Nack and Cassandra Schiffler.  A long continuous monotype the artwork pushes the conception of original print.

To the right of the collaborative piece is a work by Jessica Wright.  Delicate prints are supported by a wooden structure (which appears to me to be balsa wood).  The front shows stitching lines through the prints and the wooden support can be seen from the back.  The prints are on a very lightweight paper so that light can come through to the back.

LeClair's piece is comprised of prints on paper that have been cut up into strips and shapes.  The resulting configuration takes advantage of the negative space and gravity to help form the piece.

Here are a few more works.

They will be up (literally) at Wingtip Press through November.

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