Friday, June 21, 2013

Finding Your Way Home

I finally took some time this week to get over to the Sesqui Shop to view the exhibition, Finding Your Way Home: A Collection of Historic and Handmade Maps.

There are some old maps and new interpretation of maps, just as the title suggests.  As you enter the shop, one of the first maps you see is this one.

Different fabrics indicate the growth of Boise over the years.  I'm sorry I forgot to see who the artist is (might be Alize Norman).

As you walk around the gift purchase display, you encounter an interactive map.  Primary colored blocks are available for visitors to mark on a map by location and time a significant occasion that has occurred for them in Boise.  This is a view from underneath.  In this photo you can just barely see the maps on the glass layers.

Older maps were also displayed, including one indicating where the electricity was available in the city, as back in the day not everybody had electricity.

I liked the pictures of old buildings in the corners of one map.

Chad Erpelding's Sister Cities has nine square panels with cut map-like papers layered in resin. Several sister cities are layered on top of one another.

Two of my artworks from the Greenbelt series are also on display, as well as a work from my friend, Amy Nack and other local artists.

You have only about a week left to find your way to the Sesqui Shop as the last day of the exhibition is June 29.

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