Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art-full Week

This was an art filled week.  Unfortunately, it wasn't me working much on my own art, but more so being inspired by other's artwork.

In addition to viewing some art on First Thursday,  yesterday my friend and I went the opening reception of Kelly Packer's exhibition at the Enso Artspace.  Enso is a relatively new art collective (just about a year old) in Garden City.  I've been meaning to visit the space.  They are only open one day a week, as well as for receptions and events. So this was my first visit.

Located off the beaten path of Chinden Blvd., you enter through an unassuming door into a warehouse/storage-like space.  Once inside, it is apparent that it has been transformed into a gallery space.  The space is very nice, although the concrete floors and heightened ceiling made it a little noisy with many people talking and reminded you of the building's original intent.

Packer's work was in the main area downstairs.  There was a small, loft-like area upstairs which had some pieces of other members in the collective.

Interspersed and artfully placed on the walls was text written by Packer's husband, Adrian Kien.  He had written poems inspired by her work and they created a limited edition book with both that was available for sale.  The book looked very well done and of a nice quality.

I think the idea of writing a poem based on an artwork would be an interesting exercise.  I've done the opposite and been inspired to create artwork based on a poem.  My piece Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood was inspired by Robert Frost's poem, The Road Less Traveled.

Below are some of the words I liked most.

Quite a few of Packer's works used warm, analogous colors and geometric shapes that appealed to me.  It was sunny on the surface, but further inspection revealed a slight edge with sharp lines and the underlying reference to vertebrae in the spine.

Kathleen Probst views here we have the meatuses of deer standing still by Kelly Packer, acrylic on matboard, 2011

Other artworks were a little darker with more contrasting colors and more complexity.

                          The Least Space Inhibited by Kelly Packer,  oil pastel on matboard/wood panel, 2012

Overall, I enjoyed Packer's strong use of color and shapes.  If you would like to see more of the artwork in the exhibition and much higher quality images, please visit here.


Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

nice work! great to see. have added you to my faves.

Send Flowers To India said...

Nice Art..good work...