Friday, June 8, 2012

Around Town - First Thursday

Last month I mentioned that my friend Cassandra Schiffler was going to have some interactive painted blocks at her First Thursday reception this month.  She was the featured artist in the 8th St. Northrup Suite 295 AiR space.

Below is a picture of the set-up of blocks.  People could come in and rearrange the blocks in any order they wanted, then a person took a picture of the arrangement, printed out a photo with a mini printer right there and pinned it to a board with all the other arrangements.  (I wanted to take a picture of the board, but forgot).

You could come back at the end of the evening to pick up your picture.  I just took my own picture of the arrangement I made. However, a few pictures got lost in translation from my camera to my computer, so I do not have it.

It was a great idea for people to interact with the art, with the added bonus of touching the artwork. I think Cassandra should sell sets of blocks. Then people could arrange them the way they wanted in their own home.  If they wanted a little variation, they could change them up over time.  It would also be fun for visitors.

Cassandra had lots of her work displayed and the entire space looked very professional.  These pictures below were in her work area space.

I also stopped in the Lisk gallery to see some kinetic sculpture by Matt Grover.  The wooden balls on this table moved in a wave pattern.  It could be very meditative to watch it.

This is one layer of mechanisms to help move the balls up and down.

Other things around town.

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