Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Screen Printing

For Mother's Day, my friend and I gave ourselves the gift of an art filled day.  We drove to Weiser to visit another artist friend, Linda McLaughlin, and play in her studio learning about doing some screen printing and printing with Thermofax screens.

Kathleen and I brought lunch to share and we spent the whole day there.  It was very nice and Linda gave us way more information than we could process.  Linda's friend, Barbara was also there.  We had a great day.

Here Linda is showing us how to print with a Thermofax screen.

 Kathleen printing a length of fabric.  
I like how she combined two of Linda's Thermofax screens below.

Some of the fabric I printed.

This is a small section of the "drop" cloth on top of Linda's table.  Some day she can take off the cotton fabric and use it to make something.

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Pam McKnight said...

Sounds like the perfect mothers day!