Saturday, May 14, 2011

North Junior High Art Show

Thursday night was the North Junior High Art Show. It occurs once a year and all the art classes show what they have been working on throughout the year. It is fun to see the artwork, especially since the parents never get to see any of it throughout the year. It stays at school (which I guess is a necessity so that they have enough artwork to put on a show at the end of the year. Although I miss the opportunity to discuss with Anna what she is working on and how she likes using the medium.)

The cafeteria gets transformed into a gallery.
Anna stands by one of her artworks (right next to her head).  Her shirt says "smart girls are more fun."  It was an extra credit project we made for math using the quadratic equation, which is what is in the black box. Yep, she uses both the right and left sides of her brain.

More of Anna's work in the bottom right corner.

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Pam McKnight said...

Congrats on the art show. Nice work and great shirt. I bet she could sell those... If she decides to make some up I will buy one for my daughter who is an artist and studying accounting.