Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monotype Monday

This past Monday, Amy Nack hosted Monotype Monday at Wingtip Press.  People could come for several hours, either in the morning or evening, to work on monotypes using the Akua ink which we used in the workshop.  Since I had some ideas from doing the workshop, I went in the evening.

I did my printing on fabric again.  I went with a plan and tried my ideas.  They weren't as successful as I had hoped, but I did learn some things.  And I had fun playing again.  Someday I am going to cut up the fabrics and create some pieces to see how it looks and how sewing with the inked fabrics goes.

I used a stencil in this piece.
I ran this piece through the press three times. I like how some parts look "woven".
 This piece is very subtle.

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