Sunday, March 22, 2009


We welcomed the first day of spring with a gorgeous day. The temperature was near 70 degrees. The sun was shining. Anna had an early release from school for spring break. Frank took the day off from work and his mom and uncle are visiting.

The sidewalk chalk and hula hoops came out to play.

Frank and Anna broke some rocks to put in the tumbler.

We all enjoyed sitting out in the sun and getting our first pinkness of skin. It was good we enjoyed it while we could, because now we are back to cloudy, cooler, rainy weather.

Last night we went to Anna's third cousin's wedding that was here in Boise. We don't have many occasions to get dressed up. Frank came out of the bedroom in his jacket and tie to ask Anna if she was ready yet. She said, "Whoa!" She has never seen her dad so spiffy.

When I was all ready to go, Anna said I looked like a lawyer. Definitely something she's never seen before and not a look I am comfortable with.

Frank's uncle Bob also looked very handsome as well.

The lighting at the reception was not very good for taking pictures, so I don't have a very good photo of Peggy looking equally as nice as the rest of us.

Today it is back to looking like a bum for me.

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