Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Finish of Something #5

I don't seem to be going in numerical order with my finishing of pieces, but at least they are being completed.

This was a piece that I did with no pre-conceived idea. I thought I would use some of the fabric that was lying around on the table from other works. Below is what I put together. In the dark square I kept seeing mountains in a storm and that is what directed the quilting.

On the back side, I used a piece of fabric I found at a garage sale (it might have been a sheet?). It certainly gives it a different feel on the back. Maybe some would like the back better?

I always find it interesting when doing the stitching, what it ends up looking like on the back. Someday I think I will try creating a piece from the front, but with the intention of the back being the side showing. Could be interesting.

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Terry said...

This is really lovely! I am liking the back of the piece I am working on too. It, and yours, look like drawings.