Friday, February 6, 2009

Work in Progress

Here is something I have been working on this week. I have not been working on much as I caught Anna's cold and it has really dragged me down. Anyway, the above picture is before and the below picture is after I used some paintsticks on the red areas. Can you tell a difference? It looks kind of dirty now.

I wanted to tone down the pink and red some and have them blend together a little more. Not sure it succeeded but there is still more to do and then I will do some hand stitching on top.

This piece has been put together differently than what I usually do. I started with a sketch and then just started cutting the pieces by hand with scissors (no rotary cutter) and built them up from the yellow squares out using scraps I had. That is why things are a little wonky. Somehow it all went together fairly easily.

The 12 x 12 group has picked their next theme, which is windows. So many possibilities for that, including the piece above because the yellow squares are suppose to represent windows on a building.

Last night I was looking at my Paul Klee art book (as that was about all I had energy for) and one of the works had a window depicted in it. In the comments, the author was talking about how you couldn't really tell if the viewer was looking out the window or in, as the picture was abstract.

That's something to think about for the window theme. Are you looking out or in or both? Can you see out the windows? or do you see a reflection? Lots of things to think about. I know I have lots of pictures of windows from our European trips. And aren't the eyes the "window to the the soul." Hmm . . .

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