Monday, February 2, 2009

12 x 12 Chair Challenge

It's a bonus blog, as I remembered that the 12 x 12 group was revealing their chair theme pieces. Therefore, I have put mine up as well. I didn't have as much time to spend on this as I would have liked. I had quite a few ideas for chairs as I had already done a few before. These chairs actually started out in a different piece. But they, along with a couple more, got put away for a long time and did not get completed. After pulling them out to start working on it again, I decided I didn't want to finish the original idea and re-purposed these for the challenge.

It looks a bit like Brenda's over at the 12 x 12 group with the simple, abstract design. See all of their interpretations here.


Brenda said...

This is fabulous Lisa. I also experimented with some tripartite designs but I completely overlooked doing a back view of the chair!

Karen said...

This is another great example of abstracton which I love and your color selections are wonderful

Kristin L said...

Brenda's was one of my favorites and I really like yours for teh same reasons -- the bold graphic shapes look great in this small format and take the chair from mundane to monumental.