Monday, July 9, 2007

For Cat Lovers

My daughter, Anna, loves cats. We always keep our eyes out for cats when we go on trips. In Amsterdam we had a big surprise for her. I had found in our travel book that there was a cat museum, called the Katten Kabinet. It was a small place with artworks of cats and several live cats wandering around. It was the first place we went.

And we found chocolate cats in Bruges, Belgium.

And, of course, many lions.

This is James, the resident cat at the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Bruges. He is 17 years old.

I really didn't plan on staying at B&Bs with cats, but the one we stayed at in Brussels had three. This is Clarence greeting Anna.

I think Anna's final count for live cats we saw throughout the trip was 58. That is quite a bit more than we had counted on our bike trip in France three years ago.

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cheatle said...

58 cats! That's more than a few cats on your trip. However, for us cat lovers we are always keen to see them even during our travels. We went to some villages in Malaysia during our holiday and you find that the cats there only get fed what's left over from the owners' tables. Those cats don't get any canned cat food, scratching post, cat condo or cat hammock or bed. www, is a site on all things about cats.