Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End

It's the end of another year.  Time to reflect on all the things accomplished in the past year and those things that weren't.  Time to set new goals for the year ahead.

I had many art goals written down at the beginning of this year.  I accomplished a little more than half of them.  Although some people might not think that is a good amount, I think it is pretty good since I had 43 goals written down.

Weekly time in the studio is always an important goal.  I aimed for averaging 20 hours a week in the studio over a 48 week period and ended up averaging 15 hours.  Just like statistics, I can mess with the numbers.  If I take out the time I worked at the art museum then the average goes up to 17 hours a week.  I've decided the actual number doesn't really matter.  It's the motivation to hold me accountable for getting into the studio regularly.

15 hours a week may not sound like very much, but I am getting artwork made.  I completed 35 fabric artworks of various sizes this year.  I also made around 10-15 original hand pulled prints.

For the business side of art, I aimed for spending an average of 5 hours a week working on it and exceeded that average by one, working an average of 6 hours a week on art business.

Overall, it was a good year and I continue to make progress on my art goals.

Now it's time to make new goals.  I think the hard part always is to be able to create a balance of goals to keep you moving forward but not have so many that you get stressed about it or doesn't allow you the time to enjoy some other things along the way.  That's part of the reason I don't mind if I don't meet all of my goals.

So I think my "theme" for 2014 will be "Enjoy the ride!"

Did you have goals you accomplished this year?  Please share, if you would like. Do you think it is a good exercise to make goals? Do you write your goals down?

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