Monday, December 17, 2012


While my parents were visiting, I took them to see my Color Fields exhibition at BSU.  I also wanted to see what was up in the Student Union Gallery.  Cipher: Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition was on display.  These are works of art by the seniors working toward a BFA.

The exhibition came down on the 13th, so it is no longer up for viewing.  But here are a few of the artworks.

This first artwork is a sculpture by David Anderson.  It is interesting how the piece relates to the wall and floor and is not free standing as many sculptures are.  From his artist statement, Anderson writes, "Hung on the wall and from the ceiling, defying their pedestal, the firm ground below."
This next artwork is Reinterpreted Landscape by Ryan Wise.  This is a fairly large piece and it took a second to recognize the abstraction of a shot up can.  Wise writes in the artist statement, "I am using this common mass produced vessel to illustrate the relationship between nature and man."

Next is True North by James McKain.  This is a small piece with intense color.  McKain writes, "In this body of work I have created my own visual language by using metaphorical imagery to express the arduous task of navigating through times of trial and tribulation."

This last artwork is Mother by Kimberly Owens.  This is a collage of photos and I thought her idea behind the piece was very interesting.  Owens writes, "In this body of work I wanted to create a visual journal that highlights the life of my mother through place and objects.  My mother passed away over 5 years ago.  The objects she left behind connect me to her memory."

  I'm not sure what is up next in the gallery, but it is a good place to see art for free.


Kathleen Probst said...

Cipher looks like an interesting show. I'm glad your parents got to see both of your exhibitions while they were in town. :)

James Titus McKain said...

Hi Lisa,

Wow it was cool to find your blog and that you did a post on our Cipher show! I'm glad you liked the show and brought your parents to it! Thanks for spreading the word about the work our group completed. :)